Explain what project management is? What are the most

Essay question

Explain what project management is? What are the most important qualities in a successful project manager?


1. Minimum 1500 words

2. Due Monday 9.00am Week 9

3. Your essay MUST have an introduction, body sections and a conclusion.

4. You MUST use the article from your Speaking 1 Assessment.

5. You MUST use at least 8 other academic sources. That means journal articles, books, eBooks or government reports. More than the minimum requirement will be rewarded.

6. You may use Internet websites; however, they will not be included In the minimum requirements for sources listed in points 4 and 5 above.

7. The essay MUST be correctly formatted according to APA Style rules.

8. Refer in-text to your sources. Give the author's family name. year and oaae number. Paraphrased sources will be given more credit than direct quotes.

9. You must have an accurate reference list in APA Style at the end of your essay.

10. Write your name, ECC ID number, and the essay title in a header at the top of the page

11. Hand in copies of the sources that you use with the parts that you used highlighted and indicate whether it was used in the intro, Bl, B2 or B3 etc.

12. You MUST consult with you teacher(s) on this task. Your teacher(s) will keep a record of your progress through this task. If you do not consult via email regularly, you will fail. All consultation must be done via email.

13. See next page for submission schedule.

14. Late submissions are -5% per day.

15. If your teacher(s) suspect that you have submitted work that was not written by you, you will be required to do a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation of your essay in order for you to demonstrate that you sufficiently understand your topic.


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