Explain what a potentially confounding event represents -

Assignment Detail:- 3101AFE Accounting Theory and Practice - Griffith University Capital Markets Research PART A: GENERAL QUESTIONS QUESTION 1:If some research is undertaken that provides evidence that capital markets donot always behave in accordance with the Efficient Markets Hypothesis, does this invalidate research that adopts an assumption that capital markets are efficient???? QUESTION 2: Explain what is meant when we say that the information content associated with unexpected earnings -profits- announcements is expected to be inverselyassociated with the size of an organisation- QUESTION 3:With respect to capital markets research, explain what a potentially confounding event represents- QUESTION 4:Review Accounting Headline 10-7 and explain the reason for the change in theprice of Wesfarmers shares- Also, what might have caused the price changesin the shares in the other retail organisations???? PART B: ANALYSIS QUESTIONS QUESTION 5 Word limit: Between 200 and 500 words- This word limit applies to this question as a whole and not to the individual components of the question- Refer to the article "The role of social media in the capital market: Evidence from consumer product recalls" by Lee, Hutton & Shu -2015-, and answer the questions that follow: a- According to the authors, how do firms use different forms of social media to manage the flow of information surrounding product recalls????b- What do the results of this study suggest about the effect of social media on capital markets???? Attachment:- Capital Markets Research-rar

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