Explain the theory in the context of foreign market

Assignment Detail:- Understanding International Business Learning Outcome 1: Understanding of the general environment of international business Learning Outcome 2: Understanding of the theory underlying international business operations Learning Outcome 3: Undertake applied research to analyse firm, industry and foreign market entry modes Assessment Part and Purpose: You are to assume that you have recently been employed by one of the companies -Appendix 6- which is planning for an overseas expansion- The list of the companies are also available in the learning materials section of Blackboard- As a part of your role, you have been assigned to analyse the company and international business strategies- If you like to work on a different MNE, you need to get approval from your tutor- Assessment Two:In your second task -3000 words-, you need to analyse the potential entry modes for two different countries- You should also apply at least one international business theory -e-g- eclectic theory, Uppsala model, network theory, international production life cycle etc-- There are two key sections- - Theory of Internationalisation: In this section you should review one theory of internationalisation- You are required to explain the theory in the context of foreign market operation of your chosen company and industry- - Potential Markets and Suitable Entry Modes: In this section you need to short list the potential 2 markets and suitable entry mode for each of those markets- You are expected to justify the choice of potential markets and suitability of the entry modes that you have identified- Attachment:- Understanding International Business-rar

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