Explain the purpose of a deployment scheme in relation to

Assignment Detail:- ICTNWK612 Plan and manage troubleshooting integrated IP networks Assessment - Written Questions Question 1- Complete the following table with advanced network solutions to network performance and reliability issues- Description of issuea- Network slowdown due to large number of guestsb- Critical traffic on the network not receiving priorityc- Malware detected- Question 2- Complete the following table by explaining configuration, verification and troubleshooting procedures relevant to the items referred to-a- Routeroperation and routingb- VLANswitching and interswitching communicatio ns Question 3- Explain the purpose of a deployment scheme in relation to WLAN- Question 4- Explain how an iDevice Operating System works in relation to networking- Question 5- Explain the IP model in relation to networking- Question 6- Define the term network topology and summarise four main types of network topologies- Question 7- Explain the term network architecture- Question 8- List the key element of a network- Question 9- Identify and summarise three examples of troubleshooting tools/techniques that can be used in relation to networks- Question 10- Complete the following table relating to network diagnostic: Network diagnostic utilitya- Event viewerb- Network monitorc- Performance console Question 11- Outline the purpose of network standards and give an example- Question 12- Outline two key networking protocols- Question 13- Summarise two threat mitigation strategies relevant to a network- Question 14- Describe two types of VLAN technologies-  

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