Explain the key principles of the Emotional Intelligence

Assignment Detail:- BSBPEF502 Develop and use emotional intelligence Assessment Part 1: Written Questions Provide answers to all of the questions below: Question 1- Explain emotional intelligence and the importance of this characteristic at work- Question 2- Explain each of the five essential principles of emotional intelligence as defined by Daniel Goleman- Question 3- Explain the key principles of the Emotional Intelligence Theory developed by Caruso and Salovey -2004-- Question 4- Explain three strategies that can be used to build emotional intelligence- Question 5- Explain how would you apply the following emotional intelligence attributes in the workplace to achieve business objectives: • Self-awareness• Self-management• Social awareness• Relationship management Question 6- Explain the importance of recognising cultural differences in emotional intelligence- Provide two examples example to illustrate your answer- Question 7- Explain two ways of communicating effectively with a diverse workforce with varying cultural expressions of emotions- Question 8- Explain two ways of using emotional intelligence to build effective workplace relationships- Question 9- Identify and briefly describe at least three methods to develop emotional intelligence in others-

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