Explain the importance of one of the principles that

Assignment Detail:- Question 1: Which of the following best describes the field of constructivism???? Select one:a- Learning theories derived from Cognitive Psychologyb- An approach that explains how peoples' lives are constructedc- Learning theories that advocate for the role of mind and cognition Incorrect Question 2 Piaget's theories are associated with--- Select one:a- Physical developmentb- Emotional developmentc- Cognitive devleopment Correctd- Spiritual development Question 3 ‘Stimulus' is considered one of the essentials of classical conditioningSelect one:True CorrectFalse Question 4 Maria Montessori had an interest in early childhood education whose attempts and contribution to the field were never rewarded-Select one:TrueFalse Question 5 Maslow identified a hierarchy of _______ that motivate people's behaviour and their ability to reach a hierarchy of personal goals- Question 6 ‘Developmentally ________ is a term that refers to any teaching that is attuned to children's ages, abilities, interests and experiences- Question 7 Drag the theoretical approach or construct into the ‘theorist' category it is associated with- John Dewey                   Jean-Jacques Rousseau Question 8 Explain in your own words what ‘developmentally appropriate practice' means to you- Question 9 Explain the importance of one of the principles that establishes the rights to which children should be entitled-

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