Explain the concept of Group Dynamics and Outline some of

Assignment Detail:- BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness - Greenwich Management College Question 1: Identify at least two effects of group dynamics on team performanceQuestion 2: Describe at least THREE -3- ways you can determine what a team aims to achieve-Question 3: For each of the following types of teams, describe what each means and how they are typically structured-FunctionalCross FunctionalProjectVirtualSelf Directed Question 4: Outline and describe the FIVE -5- stages of team/group development-Stage 1:Stage 2:Stage 3:Stage 4:Stage 5: Question 5: Explain the concept of Group Dynamics and Outline some of the key characteristics of Group Dynamics- Question 6: Outline at least TWO -2- ways that group dynamics can both support as well as hinder a team's performance- Question 7: Outline what needs to be considered when communicating responsibilities from management to teams- Question 8: Describe the reasons why team cohesion is so important and describe some activities and / or rewards that could be arranged to facilitate positive team cohesion- Question 9: Why is it important to ensure that roles and expectations in a team are clarified???? Question 10: List at least FIVE -5- examples of performance problems that can occur in the workplace- Question 11: Outline the THREE -3- main methods that can be used to identify and resolve work performance issues- Question 12: Outline the meaning of constructive feedback- Why is it important to receive both POSITIVE and NEGATIVE feedback???? Question 13: Explain the methods that can be used to encourage, value and reward individual and team efforts???? Question 14 Outline at least FOUR -4- processes that can be used to ensure that concerns and problems identified by team members are recognised and acknowledged- Question 15 Explain the main purpose of problem analysis and Outline the FIVE -5- steps involved in the problem analysis process- Question 16 List and describe at least FIVE -5- techniques that can be used to motivate the work team- Question 17 What is mutual accountability and why is it important???? Question 18 How can a manager help support the team in identifying and resolving work performance problems???? Question 19 How does a team leader ensure they are a role model for others in the team???? Question 20 How can you ensure that you effectively engage management???? Question 21 List at least FIVE -5- typical issues and/or problems that can be experienced and can be a potential cause of conflict in the workplace- Question 22 Explain the meaning of an open communication process and methods that can be used for effective delivery of information to stakeholders Assessment You will be required to undertake THREE -3- Assessment tasks in order to successfully complete this Assessment- This Project Assessment will require you to demonstrate evidence of your ability to: • Manage the effectiveness of at least one work team- during the above, the candidate must:• Provide feedback to encourage, value and reward others• Model desired behaviour and practices• Encourage and foster shared understanding of purpose, roles and responsibilities• Support team to meet expected performance outcomes including providing formal and informal learning opportunities as needed• Develop performance plans with key performance indicators -kpis-, outputs and goals for individuals or the team which incorporate input from stakeholders• Communicate effectively with a range of stakeholders about team performance plans and team performance• Evaluate and take necessary corrective action regarding unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by internal or external stakeholders- In order to complete this assessment project, you are required to work in groups of ideally FOUR-4- students- Each student should assume a role within their project group in order to satisfy the requirements of this assessment- ASSESSMENT TASK ONE: Team Performance Project Plan In order to become an effective and efficient team, it is important that you can establish a clear operating framework that will facilitate team cohesion and positive work outcomes- Referring to the Scenario in Appendix One, you and your fellow colleagues are required todevelop a Team Performance Project Plan- The Team Performance Project Plan should clearly outline the following:• Based on the scenario supplied, specify the context of your team's existence -the why-• A Profile of each of the team members• Outline of the Teams Purpose• A set of policies, procedures, and processes for the team that covers:o Roles and responsibilities for each team member's work roleo Expected team behaviors and standards -Codes of Practice-o Methods of communicationo Profile of expected individual team member behaviorso How the team will recognise and address any work performance issues, concerns, and/or problemso The input that each team member will have regarding planning, decision making, and operations for the work teamo Proposed feedback system -method- to encourage, value and reward both individuals as well as team efforts and contributionso A conflict resolution and action process is to be followed by each team member in the case of any unresolved issues, concerns, or problems • A Performance Appraisal template for each team member which includes an allowance for the following:o At least 3 goals/outputs -Key Performance Indicators - KPIs-o At least ONE -1- Formal and ONE -1- informal learning opportunity for each team member • Recommendations for each team member of at least ONE -1- formal and ONE -1- informal learning opportunity to support both the individual as well as the team's expected performance outcomes You must include a copy of the Team Performance Project Plan you have developed with your team with your final Assessment submission and ensure every element outlined is incorporated into the plan- ASSESSMENT TASK - Team Effectiveness Self-Observations -Sessions 1-4- This Assessment task will require you to document your project team's progress in developing strategies to build and maintain its effectiveness- This will be completed over the course of a minimum of THREE -3- Sessions where you and your team you will be meeting to develop a Team Performance Project Plan- Each of the Session meetings conducted will require you and your team to complete the corresponding Team Effectiveness Observation Checklist enclosed with this Assessment- At the conclusion of the final session, you should have completed the Observation Checklist for each session and include this with your final submission- ASSESSMENT TASK - Team Effectiveness Feedback This assessment task requires you to present your team performance plan presentation and obtain feedback from stakeholders -assessor-, using the Third-Party Feedback Form in Appendix Two- • This feedback is to be obtained by each team member in order to establish the effectiveness of the team's performance-• Each observation should report in relation to the team's cohesion, teamwork, and communication as the teamwork through the development of the Team Performance Project Plan-• You will therefore need to collect and submit a minimum of THREE -3- Third-Party Feedback Forms - i-e ONE -1- Form for each student-• Presentation can be PowerPoint presentation Attachment:- Manage Team Effectiveness-rar

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