Explain the Alphabetic guide to writing style at Alamo

Assignment Detail:- BSBWRT411 Write complex documents Assessment 1 Part 1: Prepare Planning Documents InstructionsYou are working as an Administration Assistant at the Alamo Company, a busy wholesale and retail organisation- You have been asked by your Manager to select three -3- different types of business documents and undertake planning for the development of these documents- The ‘Document Content Planning Template' found in Appendix B requires you to complete an outline and draft message of their documents- Once completed, these must be submitted to your manager -your trainer/assessor- for feedback, in much the same way as you would seek input from a manager in a real workplace environment- Project activities are to be completed in your own study time- Your responses should be prepared in electronic format and must be uploaded to CloudAssess by the due date- Once your submission has been marked, your trainer/assessor will provide you with feedback- In the event that an assessment submission is not satisfactory, your trainer/assessor will provide you with up to two additional opportunities to successfully demonstrate your competence- This is on condition that you have submitted the assessment before or on its due date and with all sections and questions complete- ScenarioYou work for Alamo Company as an Administration Assistant- You have been asked to create three-3- Document Content Planning Templates -using Appendix B- for three -3- complex business document types of your choice- You may select from the documents selection below, in preparing your document plan:• A set of minutes• A multipage report• A 2-page Newsletter• A policy and procedure guide• An instructional guide Once you have completed these templates you must submit them to your manager -your trainer/assessor- for feedback, in much the same way as you would seek input from a manager in a real workplace environment- You will write an email to the trainer/assessor seeking feedback and review of the three Document Content Planning Templates you have submitted- Step 1 Carefully review the assessment criteria to ensure you fully understand what is expected of you in the assessment- If anything is unclear, you should speak to yourtrainer/assessor-Step 2 Choose three -3- of the following complex business documents for your project-• A set of minutes• A multipage report• A 2-page Newsletter• A policy and procedure guide• An instructional guideStep 3 Use Appendix B "Document Content Planning Template" to plan and write a draft message of the document for each of the three -3- document types you have selected- Please see template for all the details of what need to be included-Each document outline must include the following• The purpose of each document must be appropriately identified for the document type and intended audience-• The intended means of communication for each document is appropriate for the document type, document purpose and intended audience• The software used to create documents must be correctly identified-• The content for each Draft Plan is error free Please also refer to Appendix A "Alamo Company Style Guide" for organisationalrequirements- Step 4 You will need to plan and write a draft message of the document-When creating the draft message please refer to Appendix B "Document Content Plan" as well as Appendix A "Alamo Company Style Guide" for organisational requirements- Step 5 In this simulated workplace scenario you will be submitting your Draft Document Content Planning templates to your manager for feedback- In the scenario, your trainer/assessor will play the role of your manager- One -1- week prior to your Assessment 1 due date, you must prepare an email to yourmanager attaching the three documents, requesting that they review the Draft Document Content Planning Templates and provide any feedback- Step 6 Save your documents in your project folder and ensure they are submitted by the due date for the assessment-The documents to be submitted include:- Email to and from your manager -i-e- your trainer/assessor-- Draft Document Content Planning Template for each of your 3 documents Assessment 1 Part 2 - Draft the three Documents Your Manager at the Alamo Company has now asked you to draft the three documents that they reviewed and provided feedback-1- You must review the feedback provided, to ensure your information is cohesive and satisfies the three documents' purpose and requirements and that the documents you draft are in accordance with organisational policies and procedures- 2- Identify any gaps in data outlined by the feedback received and collect and add additional information from relevant sources 3- Develop and submit drafts for each of three documents, based on feedback received and according to documents' purposes and requirements- 4- Seek feedback from your trainer/assessor on the drafts of three documents created 5- Provide evidence of email communication requesting feedback Assessment 1 Part 3 Prepare and Finalise Documents InstructionsIn this assessment, you must rectify the three -3- documents, taking into account feedback provided by your trainer/assessor, and prepare and create the final three documents- In doing so, you must ensure: 1- All comments and feedback for each document has been sufficiently addressed 2- The three documents' purpose and requirements are met 3- Check that appropriate formatting styles, grammar and spelling are accurate 4- Confirm that the changes have been made based on approval in the feedback 5- Incorporate any changes and amendments in the final documents based on feedback received 6- Apply basic design elements for the documents which are appropriate to the intended audience and the purpose of the documents-This includes Fonts, Capitalisation, Headings, Logos, Pictures, Tables etc- 7- The documents must meet organisational specifications as to topics, word count and aspects of style- Assessment 2 Knowledge Questions InstructionsThis assessment task requires you to use the LMS, Student Learner Guide and your own research, to provide responses to all questions and activities- The assessment task is to be completed in your own study time and you must provide satisfactory responses to all questions and activities- Question 1aUsing the Alamo Company Style Guide identify the font style that must be used in all Alamo documents Question 1bExplain the Fonts/styles for Presentation Documents Question 1cExplain the Alphabetic guide to writing style at Alamo Company in relation to any four areas in the Style Guide Question 2aDefine formatting as used in documents Question 2bComplete the table below- Briefly explain how a well-formatted document and a badly formatted document can affect the following aspects of a document- Question 3Complete the table below:a- Identify at least two types of data categoriesb- Describe the data that belongs to each identified category Question 4Complete the table below:Identify at least three methods commonly used to sequence data and briefly describe how the data is sequenced for each identified method-Each description must describe how the order of data is determined for each method - how someone using each method identified can know which data to present first, middle, and last- Question 5aIdentify at least two uses of a full stop- Question 5bIdentify at least two uses of an apostrophe mark- Question 5cIdentify at least two instances when words must be capitalised in a sentence- Question 5dIdentify at least three uses of a comma in a sentence- Question 6Listed below are functions commonly used in Microsoft Word- Complete the table below by briefly explaining what each function does- Common Functions in Microsoft Worda- Fontb- Bulletsc- Header and Footerd- Spell-check Question 7Complete the table below:a- Identify at least three sections that are specific only to an emailb- Identify the type of information found in each identified section when completing an email Question 8Complete the table below- Identify how each factor listed below is applied in procedure documents- a- Definitionb- Frequency of ChangeIs the document frequently updated, or is it rarely changed???? c- Condition Needed for Best ImplementationWhat needs to occur for these to bebest implemented????d- ReflectsInformation contained in each document is related to what???? Question 9Complete the table below- Listed below are sections commonly found in a business letter- Briefly explain the information that you would find in each section- Section of a Business Letter a- Letterhead b- Salutation/Greeting c- Signature Question 10Complete the table below by identifying the specifications for recording for each section of the Meeting Agenda listed below- You may use any organisation you are familiar with-Section of the Meeting Agenda Template a- Meeting Title b- Agenda c- Presenter Question 11Listed below are factors to be considered when trying to determine if a document is appropriate- Outline at least one process that you can use to determine the suitability of a document based on each factor listed below- Section of the Meeting Agenda Template Specifications for Recording for Each Sectionof the Agendaa- Audienceb- Purposec- Formatd- Structure Question 12aOutline at least one process you can use to review the grammar in a document to ensure that it is correct-Correct grammar includes proper sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, and proper use of the basic parts of speech -i-e-, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc--- Question 12bOutline at least one process you can use to review that all words are spelled accurately Question 12cOutline at least one process you can use to ensure that the writing style used in a document is appropriate for its purposes-Writing style refers to the impression a document gives its readers, depending on the sentence structure, syntax, and tone -i-e-, expository, descriptive, narrative, and persuasive-- This isdependent on why a document was written in the first place- Question 13Identify at least one reason why each text element listed below is used in a document Section of the Meeting Agenda Templatea- Font Styleb- Tablec- Headings Attachment:- Write complex documents-rar

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