Explain how you would recruit select and induct the right

Assignment Detail:- BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assessment Question 1 Why is it important to develop an Operational Plan for a business venture???? Question 2 List FOUR -4- Key Result areas on which a business should focus- Question 3 Explain in detail what actions you would take if customers started complaining about the quality of your food- Include customer satisfaction considerations in your answer- Question 4 What legislation-s- do you need to be aware of when developing an operational plan???? Question 5 Explain how you would recruit select and induct the right staff according to your organisational policies and procedures???? Question 6 Write a definition of a Contingency plan Question 7 How does a business go about protecting brand names, trademarks and intellectual property???? Question 8 With whom should the operational plan be shared???? List all stakeholders who need to be aware of the operational plan- Question 9 Suggest ways in which an operational plan can be effectively monitored- Question 10 What financial reports will you require to effectively monitor the implementation of your operational plan???? Question 11 There are many ways to measure the success of your operational plan- Include at least FOUR -4- Key Performance Indicators -KPIs- you would use to measure success- Question 12 What policies, procedures or practices relate to an operational plan???? Question 13 Describe TWO -2- models and methods you could use to develop an operational plan- Question 14 How can an operational plan help achieve the objectives your organisation has established???? Question 15 What elements do you need to consider when creating a budget???? Question 16 Analyse and interpret the budget below and calculate the variances-Suggest ways you could improve each variance- Mary's food truck   Budget and Actual from September 2017      Income Budget Actual Variance   Food sales $25,000 $31,345     Coffee sales $12,500 $9,275     Cold drinks sales $5,000 $8,250     Alcohol sales $17,500 $19,250         Expenses Budget Actual   Variance   Food purchases $7,250 $9,716     Coffee Purchases $3,000 $2,318     Cold drinks Purchases $1,650 $2,723     Alcohol Purchases $3,500 $3,850     Wages $18,000 $19,074     Question 17 What are the steps involved in creating a budget for an operational plan????

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