Explain how to conduct risk management from risk

Assignment Detail:- BSBLDR601 Lead and manage organisational change Part 1 - Knowledge Questionnaire Question 1 List and outline four -4- events or trends that may impact on the achievement of organisational objectives- Question 2 Consider the policies and procedures provided for the assessment scenario in Part 2- You will find them in a separate folder-Select three -3- policies and practices and explain how they guide organisational change- Question 3 Explain how to conduct a cost-benefit analysis for high priority change requirements and opportunities--50-100 words- Question 4 Explain how to conduct risk management from risk identification to risk treatment--80-120 words- Question 5Outline the content of communication and education plan when implementing organisational change- Include promotion of benefits of organisational change in your answer- Question 6 Company X is a successful restaurant operating in Sydney- They have decided to strengthen their vegan menu choices and give their establishment a clear direction to become a leader in modern vegan cuisine-• Describe the change management process approach from change identification to implementation that company X will have to follow-• Describe how company X could communicate and embed the change at all levels of the organisation--100-150 words- Question 7 Select and outline three -3- theories of organisational behaviour and dynamics that are relevant to the planning and implementation of organisational change- Question 8Explain why and how the internal and external business environment can impact on change strategies-Provide a practical example using Company X from question 6--80-120 words- Question 9 List and describe four -4- components of a change management project plan- Question 10 List four -4- barriers to change-For each barrier that you have listed, outline possible strategies to overcome the barrier-ComponentDescription -40-80 words/component- Attachment:- Knowledge Questionnaire-rar

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