Explain how to conduct a gap analysis of an organisational

Assignment Detail:- BSBSTR601 Manage Innovation And Continuous Improvement Assessment Part 1: Knowledge questions Question 1: Outline two methods for conducting cost-benefit analysis- Question 2: List three ways that knowledge management systems can be established in an organisation- Question 3: Complete the table to identify and explain three types of continuous improvement systems/processes that can be used in an organisation- The first row has been completed as an example for you to follow- Question 4: Complete the following table regarding creativity and innovation theories and concepts- Question 5: Discuss -in one or two paragraphs- three principles that are relevant to organisation learning- In your answer, identify the principles and explain what each one means as an organisational learning principle- Question 6: Complete the following table regarding quality management and continuous improvement theories- Question 7: Discuss three concepts associated with risk management- As part of your answer, provide an example of how each concept may relate to organisational learning- Question 8: Explain how to conduct a gap analysis of an organisational system-  

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