Explain how the organisational processes are impacted by

Assignment Detail:- HI6005 Management And Organisations in A Global Environment Question 1 Work has different functions and processes- Explain how the organisational processes are impacted by different internal environmental factors- Question 2 Decision making is a fundamental management function- In the light of this statement, define and explain, with examples, all the views on how managers make decisions- Question 3: Scenario:Leading and managing are two very different things- Being a manager means something more than gaining authority or charge over former colleagues- With the title does come the power to affect company outcomes, but it also comes with something more: the power to shape the careers and personal growth of subordinates- According to Steve Keating, a senior manager at the Toro Company, it is important not to assume that being made a manager automatically makes you a leader- Rather, being a manager means having the opportunity to lead- Enterprises need managers to guide processes, but the employees-the people-need a leader- Keating believes that leaders need a mindset that emphasizes people, and the leader's job is to help the people in the organisation to be successful- According to Keating, "If you don't care for people, you can't lead them" -Hakim 2017 n-p--- For someone who has been promoted over his peers, ground rules are essential- "Promotion doesn't mean the end of friendship but it does change it," according to Keating- If a peer has been promoted, rather than grouse and give in to envy, it is important to step back and look at the new manager; take a hard look at why the peer was promoted and what skill or characteristic made you a less appealing fit for the position -Hakim 2017-- What do you think are the most important qualities in a leader???? In a manager???? Are your two lists mutually exclusive???? Why???? Question 4: Scenario:Amazon has a functional organisational structure that focuses on business functions for determining the interactions among the different parts of the company- Amazon's corporate structure is best characterized as global function-based groups -most significant feature-, a global hierarchy, and geographic divisions- This structure seems to fit with the size of Amazon's business-43% of 2016 retail sales were in the United States- Seven segments, including information technology, human resources and legal operations, and heads of segments, report to Amazon's CEO- "Senior management team include two CEOs, three Senior Vice Presidents and one Worldwide Controller, who are responsible for various vital aspects of the business reporting directly to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos-" The strategic goal underlying this structure is to facilitate Amazon-com to successfully implement e-commerce operations management throughout the entire organisation Based on what you have learnt in the unit during discussion on the case study, What are other external considerations that are set to challenge the way companies design their internal organisation???? How the external changes are communicated with the internal stakeholders???? Question 5: Scenario:You are recently recruited by a company as the HR manager, you have access to sensitive data, such as pay information- As you are looking at pay for each employee in the marketing department, you notice that two employees with the same job title and performing the same job are earning different amounts of money- As you dig deeper, you notice the employee who has been with the company for the least amount of time is actually getting paid more than the person with longer tenure- A brief look at the performance evaluations shows they are both star performers- You determine that two different managers hired the employees, and one manager is no longer with the organisation- Now you are required to motivate the less paid-employee without demotivating other- How do you motivate on the basis of early motivational theories and contemporary motivational theories???? Explain- Question 6: Scenario:you are the manager of a group of 10 staff within the firm you work for- Your staff have shown to be unmotivated with their work of recent times due to staff cutbacks and no pay increases for 3 years because of budget constraints- Describe two -2- practical methods you could consider to attempt to motivate your staff without increasing their pay- Attachment:- MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATIONS-rar

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