Explain how as project manager, you would go about

Assignment Detail:- CPCCBC5010B Manage Construction Work Charles Street Residences Case Study Example -Use the Case Example as a backdrop for this assessment- 1- Explain how as project manager, you would go about establishing Site Communication processes for this project- 2- What approach would you use to manage and conduct meetings???? 3- Explain how you would go about Maintaining a Safe Cost Effective Work Environment- 4- Explain how Subcontractor operations are managed and coordinated to ensure compliance with company obligations- 5- Explain how you would establish a system to deal with problems and delays- 6- Explain the processes you may use to manage industrial relations 7- Explain the techniques and approach you can use to manage changes without sacrificing quality- 8- Create company policy document for project managers to use as a guideline to manage quality management issues- 9- Explain what variations are and how to best deal with them- 10- Explain how you might deal with multiple projects that you were required to supervise- 11- Explain what progress payments are and how best to manage them- 12- As Project Manager, how best would you ensure that they are progress claims are paid to ensure cash flow obligations???? 13- Imagine that you are about to enter into a contract with a new client and they are interested to know what your role will be in the project as project manager- Explain to them using headings, what the key areas of management are for you as a project manager- Attachment:- Charles St Residence Case Study-rar

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