Explain genuine shared vision and set of goals across the

Assignment Detail:- BSBLDR803 Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships Part A- Multiple Choice Questions Tick or Circle the most appropriate response 1- To improve productivity, managers should tell employeesa- To communicate only with the bossesb- To bring new ideas and conceptsc- Not to share information with other employeesd- All of the above 2- Possible causes of poor performance might include,a- Misunderstood instructions and directionsb- Inadequate trainingc- Personal problems not directly associated with workd- All of the above 3- As a manager how would you monitor operations,a- Tracking progressb- Checking compliancec- Testing policies, procedures and systemsd- All of the above 4- When employee performance processes do not result any improvement, managers issue warnings- Warning procedure may not include,a- Last performance appraisalb- A written letterc- Dismissald- Verbal warning 5- Which of the following regarding conflict is not correct????a- Conflict is bad when it is mishandledb- Conflict is necessary for change and improvementc- Conflict is destructived- Conflict requires proper management 6- At different levels of organization, there should be processes to ensure that issues raised are resolved promptly or referred- They include,a- Conducting meetingsb- Distributing newslettersc- Participating in planned organizational activitiesd- All of the above- 7- Information collected needs to be arranged in a suitable format for:a- Analysis , Interpretation and Disseminationb- Recording,Interpretation and Disseminationc- Recording and Disseminationd- All of the above 8- Sara joins an Australian organization as Occupational health and safety trainer- Her manager advised that the learner group is culturally diverse and majority of them were born overseas- Identify the factor/s that Sara needs to consider,a- Knowing the audienceb- Sharing the information or instructions that they understandc- Use easy English and better to avoid terminologies and phrasesd- All of the above 9- Employee motivation is highly important for every organization due to the benefits it's able to bring- Benefits include, a- Facilitate workers reaching their personal and work goalsb- Greater employee satisfactionc- Employees can go extra mile if requestedd- All of the above 10- Ensure that computer systems and software programs are used properlya- Establish libraries of informationb- Set up and maintain filing systems such as filing cabinetsc- All of the Aboved- None of the above 11- Which of the following is NOT a strategic alliance????a- Joint marketing campaignb- Cooperative product developmentc- Joint ventured- Merger 12- An alliance between a supplier and a buyer that agree to use and share skills and capabilities in the supply chain, is called:a- Diversification allianceb- Shared supply alliancec- Complementary allianced- Vertical integration alliance 13- What is "strategic control"????a- Control over the production process within an organization, in the sense of determining how the employees of an organization perform their work-b- The process by which one entity influences, to varying degrees, the behaviour and output of another entity through informal mechanisms-c- Control over the means and methods on which the whole conduct of an organization depends-d- Control over the production process within an organization, in the sense of determining how informal practices are performed- 14- If a relationship is important to you and you just want to "hide" your dissatisfaction, you may choose this conflict management style:a- accommodatingb- withdrawalc- compromisingd- collaborating15- The following guidelines can be helpful to initiate a collaborative conflict conversation EXCEPT:a- State ownership of the conflict-b- Mentally rehearse what you will say-c- Take as much time as you need to give your side-d- Do not blame or ascribe motives- PART B - Short answer questions: Question 1- What is the difference between a strategic alliance and long-term agreement with respect to supplier????Give the example of alliance and show how you would measure its performance???? Question 2- Briefly explain integrated stakeholder engagement and its advantages-How to create an effective engagement strategy for partner or a stakeholder???? Question 3- What is collaboration???? Explain Digital workplace with example and its benefits- Question 4- What is the organisation culture???? What must strategic leaders do to develop and sustain an effective organisation culture???? Question 5- What help do you need from the organisation to develop your skills, knowledge and capabilities in support of your career plans???? Question 6- Explain genuine shared vision and set of goals across the partnership????To whom will the partnership report???? Is there a process to report on progress???? Question 7- List down the various types of resources that you may be required to allocate to your partnership program plan- Question 8- What are various range of information that needs to be identified while forming partnerships using collaborative and consultative processes- Question 9- List down various indicators and feedback processes that can be used to evaluate the health of the work environment- Question 10- List down various principles that need to be ensured while organising and allocating work activities in a cost effective and equitable manner with clear, quantifiable and agreed performance standards- Attachment:- Develop_and_cultivate_collaborative_partnerships_and_relationships-rar
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