Experiment on the electrical conductivity of graphite by

Assignment Detail:- Question: This assignment is about the experiment on the electrical conductivity of graphite by using MATLAB- Expert must have knowledge about MATLAB,first, do the calculations by using the MATLAB software, please write the laboratory report according to the below format- - Please refer to the PDF files "conductivity of graphite" and "Intro to MATLAB", along with the experiment videos, and I also sent the MATLAB codes, to the google drive- Please check the google drive- Please don't copy-paste the content from the pdf,s which I have sent you, use the pdf's as a reference- Laboratory report -1300 words- Abstract: Introduction: - Background and literature review- Methods: Results: - experiment and extension- : please include the screenshorts of graphs and excel sheets- Discussion: - Compare the results-, compare the results each other from the excel sheets Conclusion: References: IEEE style Attachment:- Laboratory report-rar Attachment:- Files-rar

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