EXERCISE 3 how to Create a Document using a Template. Your


Activity 1
Creating three different styles of file

Open each of the following Microsoft (or equivalent) programs:
1. Excel
2. Word
3. PowerPoint

Open/create a new file, ie. a blank document in each of the programs. Type your name into the blank page and save this blank page in each of these programs with the filename "Exercise 3 Activity 1". Close each document and end the program. This will result in 3 new files, with 3 different file extensions.

Activity 2
Creating a formatted business letter

Create a 1 page pretend business letter of three paragraphs, on a topic of your choice and format the letter as follows:
a) Use Times New Roman font size 12
b) Insert/paste a copy of your logo (or a pretend logo if you don't have one) at the top of the page
c) Insert the date in the top right hand corner of the document below the logo
d) Justify the first paragraph
e) Left align the second paragraph
f) Centre the third paragraph
g) Make the line spacing for the first paragraph 1.5 lines
h) Make the line spacing for the second paragraph 2 lines ie. double spaced
i) Save the document as "Exercise 3 Activity 2" as the file name

Activity 3
Creating a spreadsheet

We want to summarise the petrol spent on 5 different cars using a spreadsheet.

– Open a new Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
– Leave the first column blank
– Across the top row create a column for each car called- Car1, Car2, Car3, etc.
– Add row columns titles according to Fortnight and a Monthly Total title
– Beneath each car, insert the fortnightly totals provided below
– Using the AUTOSUM tool, calculate the monthly total for each car
– Save your file, calling it "Exercise 3 Activity 3"

Car1: Fortnight 1 - $450, Fortnight 2 - $490 Car2: Fortnight 1 - $500, Fortnight 2 -$542 Car3: Fortnight 1 - $620, Fortnight 2 - $645 Car4: Fortnight 1 - $490, Fortnight 2 - $511 Car5: Fortnight 1 - $415, Fortnight 2 - $478

Activity 4
Creating an email

Open your Email software and create a new email. In the content invite someone you know to an information meeting.
- Use fictitious information to create the document requesting a meeting in about a week's time.
- If you have a logo please include this under your name/signature line.
- Insert a picture in the middle of your content
- Save your file, calling it "Exercise 3 Activity 4" (if you cannot save your Email then do a screen print and paste into a Word document)

Activity 5
Relaying what you are doing

In Activity 2 above, you created a business document by following the instructions we gave you. Your boss has just asked you the question "How did you create this document". Create a new document and describe to him by summarising, just how you created it and what formatting techniques you used. Save this new document file, calling it "Exercise 3 Activity 5"

Activity 6
Microsoft HELP and Templates

Open Microsoft Help. Search for help on how to Create a Document using a Template. Your task is then to create a simple pretend one page resumé using a resumé template that you choose. When completed, save as ‘Exercise 3 Activity 6".

Activity 7
Formatting text in word processing

Create a new Word document and retype the text provided in the box below. Once the document is typed
- centre and resize the heading
- highlight the two paragraphs and reformat into two columns
- increase the margins for the top and bottom using the ruler/drag method
- increase the left and right margins using ‘Page Setup'
- save the document as "Exercise 3 Activity 7"

Activity 8
PowerPoint / Slide presentation

Open a PowerPoint or Slide program and create a four slide PowerPoint. Select your own style from the templates provided and include the following information:
1. A header slide
2. An opening statement for your PowerPoint
3. An information page
4. A closing page

Attachment:- EXERCISE 3.rar

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