Examine two of the guiding principles underpinning the

Assignment Detail:- CASE STUDY ASSESSMENT A case study is an authentic assessment approach that allows you to demonstrate that you can appropriately respond to a person having a mental health crisis, based on their clinical presentation and what is required of you by law as a health practitioner- Course Objective 1: Examine the biopsychosocial, cultural and historical factors that shape the conceptualisation of mental health and common mental illnesses-Course Objective 2: Respond to a person having a mental health crisis-Course Objective 3: Differentiate between the clinical presentations associated with common mental illnesses-Course Objective 4: Explain the statutory regulations that apply to people experiencing serious mental illness-Course Objective 5: Explain how recovery values inform contemporary mental health practice- Assessment DescriptionAssessment 2 is a case study of a person with a mental illness- In the Assessment 2 Resources folder you will find a range of documents with information about the person and their illness including: 1- Letter from the client's mother to case manager2- Letter from the client's employer to case manager3- Letter from the client to case manager4- Letter from the psychiatrist to case manager5- Hospital Emergency Department assessment of the client- You will need to use this information and course materials to respond to the following: Question 1- Provide an overview of Peter's current presentation- Discuss how his past and current physical, psychologicaland social functioning have been impacted by his mental illness and substance use -600 words- Question 2- Examine two of the guiding principles underpinning the South Australian Mental Health Act -2009- and identify implications relevant to the scenario -400 words- In this section, you will need to examine two of the guiding principles that are relevant and applicable in the scenario, and how these principles will impact on the care that Peter receives- You will find it helpful to read Mental Health Act 2009 - Plain Language Guide - SA Health- You need to explain your reasoning with specific evidence from the case study documents and any other relevant readings and/or material from the course- Question 3- With reference to the Case Study scenario, outline the services available in your local area that could be utilised to support Peter and/or his carer-s-/ family using a recovery-oriented approach -500 words-- In this section, you need to identify specific services that are relevant for Peter and his carer-s-/family, and how these services could assist him and his carer-s-/family- You must be specific in your recommendations and provide details of organisations and links to websites if available- Your Case Study will be marked on:• Your discussion of the client's current presentation and impact of mental illness and substance use on physical, psychological and social functioning-• Your understanding of guiding principles in the Mental Health Act and how they can be applied in this case-• Your ability to respond to a person in a mental health crisis by outlining appropriate services, and reasonings for your selection using the recovery-oriented approach-• Your written expression and Harvard-UniSA style referencing Attachment:- Assessment - Case Study-rar

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