Examine the differences between chronic illness management

Assignment Detail:- NSG 3101 Nursing Care C - Living with chronic, complex illness and disability VIDEO ANALYSIS & CASE STUDY REPORT Examine the differences between chronic illness management and palliative care management from a person - centred perspective- Students are required to watch the three videos "Betty's Story" listed below as the guide for constructing your case study report- It is expected that you will undertake further research on the topic of chronic renal disease and its trajectory to complete this assessment- Analyse and discuss the differences between chronic illness management and palliative care management from a person-centred perspective in relation to Betty's illness trajectory based on the three -3- videos that you have viewed below which will guide your discussion- Betty's Story -videos- 1- Betty's Story- PCC4U2- Betty's Story- The Team Meeting3- Betty's story: Betty's Disease Progresses This assessment is formatted as a case study report which allows you to use headings- Evidence of your research, reading and understanding must be demonstrated throughout the report using relevant referencing with APA 7th- A minimum of 10 current and relevant -less than 7 years- references will be required for this paper- Your case study report should include the following:• A clear introductionwhich should include a brief overview of the topic, a definition in your own words, of what is meant by "person-centred care" in chronic illness/disability and an outline of what your report will discuss- • The bodyOutline the relevant symptoms, symptom management, multi-disciplinary team involvement, treatments, and psychosocial supports in relation to both early stage and end stage renal disease- Compare and contrast the person-centred care that Betty would receive in the early stages of chronic renal disease, with the person-centred care she would receive in the palliative -end stage- of her renal disease using the videos and further in depth research to formulate your discussion- • A conclusionwhich summarises all that you have discussed in your paper and clearly demonstrates your understanding of the differences between early and end stage renal disease from a person-centred perspective- Attachment:- Case Study Report-rar

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