Examine how strategic management and core competencies can

Assignment Detail:- MGT604 Strategic Management - Industry Based Case Study Video Presentation Industry name - flight center Australia Learning Outcome 1: Critically examine how strategic management and core competencies can build and sustain competitive advantage in different organisational contexts Learning Outcome 2: Consider the external environment of an organisation and analyse capabilities that can enhance potential market opportunities and manage risk Submission Assessment Part In pairs, you are required to:- Identify an organisation that is currently facing strategic threats- Plan, film and submit a five-minute video presentation- Address these threats with specific reference to the course content- Please refer to the Part Instructions for details on how to complete this task- ContextThe assessment of this subject supports students in developing their skills and knowledge in the foundational management topics that include external environmental assessment, problem diagnosis, strategy development, and the consideration of cultural and ethical contexts- It requires students to have a well-formed view of contemporary issues in various industries across Australia and overseas, and the ability to identify key issues governing the strategic options available to those firms- It additionally requires students to develop competencies in non-traditional, but increasingly important communications techniques such as video and audio presentation- Instructions You will be placed into pairs by your facilitator- Working in pairs, you are required to identify an organisation that is currently facing strategic threats and plan, film and submit a five-minute video presentation addressing these threats with specific reference to the course content- Some examples include; • Disruptive technologies;• Shifts in regulatory focus;• Competition from overseas organisations;• Structural shifts in industry composition; or• Market consolidation and shakeout- PowerPoint/Prezi slides are not to be used- You will need to find ways of addressing the audience in a compelling manner, paying attention to audio quality, lighting quality, sincerity of presentation, clarity of your perspective and overall impact- Both members of the pair are required to spend approximately equal time on camera- Presentation Content In the presentation, students are required to:• Introduce yourself and the presentation topic- State briefly the key issues your presentation will cover• Introduce the organisation that is being analysed• Flesh out the major threats that the organisation is facing• Propose possible strategies addressing the identified threats, and• Display a thorough understanding of the concepts related to strategic management and threat identification- Presentation Questions Presentations should address the following questions, along with any other relevant points:• How has the organisation established a track record of success????• What is the organisation's core value proposition, and which target market does it seek to address????• What threats have altered the strategic circumstances of the organisation????• What are the organisation's prospects for the future????• What would you recommend management do to better address these threats???? Attachment:- Strategic Management-rar

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