Evaluate Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard as a

Assignment Detail:- RBP020L062H Financial Performance Management Structure and presentation -Summative Assessment- The assignment should address the following questions: Question 1 - Select an international organisation -of your choice - company A- and identify its closest competitor -company B-- Present the two organisations and the criteria used for the identification of the competitor- Use ratio analysis technique to evaluate the financial performance of the two organizations; draw a comparative evaluation and critically discuss the findings- You need to access the annual financial statements of the last two years and provide details of the ratio calculations- It is recommended to use graphs and tables to present your analysis, and cite academic literature- Question 2 - With reference to relevant literature, critically evaluate Kaplan and Norton's Balanced Scorecard as a Strategic Management System- Develop a proposed Balanced Scorecard to include critical success factors -CSF's- for your selected organisation -company A-- Question 3 Provide a critical analysis of the benefits and challenges of adopting Integrated Reporting -IR- for your selected organization -company A-- Use academic literature and refer to the International Integrated Reporting <IR> framework to support your discussion- Presentation awarded for presentation refers to overall structure and presentation, academic style of writing, use of Harvard style for references and in text citations- You need to use a comprehensive range of relevant -academic and professional- sources; use of online sources should be limited and the reliability of the source should be verified- All sources need to be acknowledged and referenced properly to ensure the originality of the work- The report needs to follow the below structure and address the three questions- The word limit for this assignment is 3,500 words -10% tolerance- excluding references, tables, figures, and appendix- Proposed structure of the Report: 1- Introduction Introduce the scope and focus of the report -approx- 250 words- 2- Financial Performance using Ratio Analysis Question 1 -approx- 1,000 words- 3- Balanced Scorecard Question 2 -approx- 1,000 words- 4- Integrated ReportingQuestion 3 -approx- 1,000 words- 5- Conclusions Provide an overall conclusion based on the reflection from the report -approx- 250 words-

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