Evaluate effectiveness of current WHSMS against key

Assignment Detail:- BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area Part: WHS Evaluation Report This task will require you to evaluate your Work Health and Safety Management System -WHSMS- applicable to your work area against your organisation's quality systems framework- Use your workplace/organisation's template to complete this task or use the WHS Evaluation Report template provided at the Bounce Fitness site- WHSMS can be based on the following:• WHS Management Plan -WHSMP- completed during Workplace Project Part 2• Any existing Work Health and Safety System used in your work area other than the WHSMP completed for this assessmentTo complete this task, you must:• Review WHS records of your work area relevant to the following:o Risk management process, which must include• Hazard identification• Risk assessment• Risk controlo Consultation and participation in resolving WHS issueso Reports of injuries and illness in the organisation• Evaluate effectiveness of current WHSMS against key performance indicators -KPIs- in relation to your organisational quality framework-• Document measures and evaluation of the following areas of your WHSMS in the WHS Evaluation Report:o Training programso Injury and illness performanceo Hazard identificationo Risk assessmento Risk controlo Consultation arrangements Review Workplace Project Part 12 - Assessor's Checklist before starting this task- This form outlines the following:• Resources you are required to access to complete the task- Discuss these resources with your assessor prior to starting this task• All criteria your submission must address to satisfactorily complete this task- You assessor will also discuss with you the criteria outlined in this form prior to the assessmentYour assessor will discuss these resources with you, and the criteria outlined in this form prior to this assessment- Include any supplementary documents/sources used to evaluate your WHSMS-Review the template you will use to complete this task- If you are using a template from your workplace/organisation, discuss with your assessor to ensure that the template covers all requirements that apply to this task- Otherwise, use the WHS Evaluation Report template provided at the Bounce Fitness site-Submit the completed WHS evaluation report to your assessor- Include any organisational WHS records used measure and evaluate the following:• Training programs• Injury and illness performance• Hazard identification• Risk assessment• Risk control• Consultation arrangementsSubmitted evidence must correspond to the tools used to record decisions as outlined in the WHSMP submitted in Workplace Project Part 2 or any corresponding WHSMS used by the learner-IMPORTANT!If you are using an existing WHSMS in your work area, you must provide copies of documentation where you recorded the necessary management systems-

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