Evaluate at least three methods and approaches to learning

Assignment Detail:- BSBHRM613 Contribute to The Development of Learning and Development Strategies Grow Management Consultants Learning strategies reportModels and approachesEvaluate at least three methods and approaches to learning and workplace training and outline how each would support the company's strategic requirements- Company growthAnalyse how organisational learning can contribute to a company's ability to grow and develop and therefore be more competitive- Learning policiesReview the company's existing policies relevant to organisational learning/training and assessment and any current gaps- Best practiceReview current best practice for organisational learning policies and processes: what are they and what should they include- Strategy suggestionsSuggest what should be included in the company's organisational learning strategy- Suggestions should be based on your research and the company's strategic requirements and policies discussed above- Technological and systems requirementsDefine the ideal technological and systems requirements for an organisational learning strategy and compare to what is currently in place -Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedures-- Communication and consultation processDefine the communication and consultation process that can be used to support development and implementation of organisational learning strategy- Recommend procedures to systematically liaise with educators, learners and others to monitor how well learning strategies and learning resources achieve organisational learning targets-

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