EV1005 Environmental Processes and Global Change Assignment

Assignment Detail:- EV1005 - Environmental Processes and Global Change - James Cook University Learning Outcome 1: demonstrate oral and written communication skills;Learning Outcome 2: provide an overview of how the Earth functions as a dynamically interactive system;Learning Outcome 3: integrate knowledge and values within the context of environmental issues, particularly global change;Learning Outcome 4: promote an understanding of the causes and complexity of major global and regional environmental problems;Learning Outcome 5: problem-solve in an environmental context- ASSESSMENT PART 1: The practical classes for EV1005 introduce a variety of statistical, graphical, mapping, remote sensing, and field methods/skills widely used in Environmental Science and Geography- In many practicals these techniques are applied to data from North Queensland, to increase student familiarity with the key environmental attributes and processes in the region- ASSESSMENT PART 2: It is vital that you develop good written communication skills- Not only is this academically important, but employers also place high value on the skills of written communication- Getting good grades in your essays will help to prove your expertise in this area to an employer- Essay writing is very good practice at communicating via the written word- Potential employers often ask interviewees for copies of assignments and essays that they have done- You are required to write an essay of between 1000 and 1500 words on one of the following questions: Q1- Those that question climate change often argue that the changes demonstrated in many modern records can be explained by climate cycles and are not forced by anthropogenic activities- Climate change believers argue that currently measured climate trends are outside of those that can be explained in this way- Using data to support your answer explain a- what cycles may make the detection of climate change trends difficult; and b- why you believe an anthropogenically-forced climate change can or cannot be differentiated from the natural-cycle ‘noise'- Q2- ‘Environmental flows are commonly cited as a tool to achieve sustainable water use, but they are difficult to define and manage'- Discuss this statement using examples from both the wet and seasonally-dry tropics of North Queensland to emphasise key points- You answer should define what is meant by an environmental flow, and consider the difficulties encountered in quantitatively determining what they might be and how they might be managed and delivered- Q3- Identify the main threat to biodiversity in tropical Australia, using evidence to justify your choice- Explain in detail -using evidence and examples- why your choice is such a threat and what can be done to mitigate its impacts- Attachment:- Environmental Processes and Global Change-rar
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