Estimate the required plant treatment capacity for the next

Assignment Detail:- 7411ENG Water and Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals - Griffith University Summary As an individual or group you are to make a draft plan based on the following scenario and guidelines- Assume a new settlement is starting afresh with 5,000 new settlers in a place of your choice- The population growth is estimated to be 5% on average in the first 10 years and then declines and stabilizes at 2 % in Year 15- A modern drinking water supply system needs to be installed- You are the chief engineer to lead the designing project for this water treatment plant- Following the Guidelines below, you are required to make a draft plan for this critical piece of infrastructure of this new town-1- State the principles you apply in your designs;2- Enlist all the assumptions;3- Estimate the required plant treatment capacity for the next 20 years;4- Sets the drinking water quality target and the analytical procedures;5- Lay out the flow sheet of the process and justify your choice based on the characteristics of the source water -note: if data not available, you can make your estimations based on other similar sites or commensense-;6- Estimate the key parameters in the water treatment process including daily flow rate, detention time, geometry and dimension of the sedimentation tank, how many filters and frequency of backwashing if filtration is required, the required amount of chlorine if chlorination is the chosen- More information 1- Your report should address the questions above- You can adopt either a narrative style or point-by-point style- The marking criterion is focused on the quality of your answers; 2- Key steps for working out process parameters should be provided in the main body of the report- Detailed calculations can be collected in the Appendix- 3- Harvard referencing style-

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