Establish a personal goal relating to the development of

Assignment Detail:- ITECH1101 Portfolio OverviewThis assignment requires you to establish a personal goal relating to the development of one aspect of your problem solving skillset, and maintain a portfolio documenting your progress and reflections- This is an individual assessment- Learning OutcomesK1- Explain fundamental strategies for problem solvingK2- Relate goal-setting and plan formulation to problem solvingK3- Compare and contrast commonly used problem solving strategiesK4- Describe tools and techniques that can be used to model and describe problemsK5- Describe the value of reflection, attitude and self-efficacy towards success in problem solvingS1- Decompose a problem and create goals and plans to solve that problemS2- Devise and implement problem solving strategies which can be applied to a range of IT problemsS3- Develop and verify algorithms based on conceptual models used in programmingS4- Construct documentation describing how to solve a problemA1- Apply problem solving strategies, tools and techniques to solve problems in a variety of domains Assessment Details Throughout the semester, you will be working towards improving your problem solving capabilities- Each of us has a different starting point, established through our life experiences and educational background- This assessment requires you to identify an aspect of problem solving that you would like to focus on improving- This may be something that you consider to be a weakness in your problem solving capabilities, or something that you think you do well but would like to improve- The important thing is that this is something you can genuinely work to improve, so that you are able to reflect meaningfully on your progress and the challenges that arise throughout the semester-Your task is to:1- Use the "Setting a Goal" section of this assignment specification to identify an aspect of problem solving that you wish to target throughout the semester-2- Develop a personal goal to specifically identify what it is you wish to focus upon, and how you are going to achieve this- Explain why this goal is relevant to you-3- Maintain a portfolio of your efforts towards meeting your goal- This portfolio must:a- be documented in Microsoft Word or saved as a -pdf file for submission-b- specify your personal goal and its relevance to you-c- be updated at least once a week, for Weeks 1-10-d- contain evidence of your work that shows you have been addressing your goal- This could include screenshots, photographs, typed or handwritten text, or any other evidence that clearly identifies what you have been working on- If the evidence is long -e-g- multiple pages of work, then just a sample that gives some detail is sufficient-- This evidence may include coursework, provided it directly relates to your goal and you are not discussing the evidence for any other assessment-e- include a discussion of each week's evidence that explains what you have been doing and provides a meaningful reflection on your progress- The discussion must be written explicitly for this assessment-f- conclude with an overall reflection of your progress towards your goal throughout the semester- This reflection must consider:i- how well you adhered to the requirements of your goal -i-e- did you do what you said you were going to do????--ii- the impact of your work on the aspect of problem solving you set out to improve-iii- challenges you encountered and how you responded to these-iv- what you have learned from the process of setting a goal and tracking your progress throughout the semester- Setting a GoalYour personal goal needs to follow the SMART format: Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic,Time-Based- Using this format gives your goal clear focus, and allows you to know what you need to do and when you need to do it- A starting point for your personal goal is provided for you- Some of the problem solving capabilities included in the goals are not taught in the course in the first few weeks- This is not a problem; the idea is that you start based on what you currently know, and improve throughout the course- We would hope that your work improves further once the problem solving capability has been taught, but you are not being assessed on how much your skill improves or how well you perform the skill- Attachment:- Portfolio Assessment-rar

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