Essential factor for general staff and trainees, to be

Assignment Detail:- SITXHRM001 Coach Others in Job Skills - Knowledge questionnaire Question 1 Mention 3 important factors why proper "On The Job coaching" is needed for staff prior to assigning them on relevant duties Question 2 State 2 factors on how group discussions with colleagues would help to identify coaching needs and improve already established coaching sessions for better productivity Question 3 Answer True or False-Briefly explain your answer- If a person possesses previous experience as a staff member in another Company, he or she need not go through OJ coaching when joining a new company for the same job Question 4 State 5 of the most important skills expected of a commercial kitchen staff member Question 5 As an On The Job Coach how would you ensure a traineehas correctly understood your:a- Verbal instructionsb- Demonstrations Question 6 List 2 reasons why is it considered an essential factor for general staff and trainees, to be continually advised on the current existing company and workplace procedures Question 7 State 5 important traits an On the job coach should possess in order for a trainee to be able to freely practise their skills and ask questions Question 8 List and explain 3 things you should take into consideration when providing constructive feedback in a supportive manner Question 9 State 4 reasons why it necessary to constantly monitor the progress of an On the Job trainee???? Question 10 Outline 3 reasons why is it necessary to submit progress reports to a Director/ Manager Training, Chief On The Job Coach or any other accredited person assigned by theCompany Question 11 Identify 3 components of a training design cycle Question 12 Identify 4 steps to organising a coaching session at work???? Question 13 Explain the overall purpose of workplace coaching Question 14 Outline how you would explain and demonstrate the skills outlined below Question 15 Identify 2 ways to check colleague understanding after communicating required knowledge Question 16 All coaching sessions should provide an opportunity for the learner to practice their newly found skills- Identify 2 opportunities that practice may occur Question 17 Identify 4 things you should do while the student practices Question 18 Some learners are reluctant to ask questions- Explain 3 ways to overcome this and provide the colleague opportunity to ask questions Question 19 What might performance problems or difficulties be identified as a result of???? Provide 4 examples Question 20 When referring to other people for follow-up, explain who the ‘appropriate person' may be and provide at least 2 examples of appropriate referral personal Attachment:- Knowledge Questionnaire-rar

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