Essay on Mentoring and coaching in education - What are

Assignment Detail:- EDGL919 Coaching and Mentoring Educators - University of Wollongong Learning Outcome 1: Demonstrate knowledge of the research, theories and complexities of coaching and mentoring educators in educational settingsLearning Outcome 2: Demonstrate understanding of the policy and organisational context in which coaching, and mentoring are enactedLearning Outcome 3: Use knowledge and skills to examine and practice effective coaching and mentoring strategiesLearning Outcome 4: Ability to critically analyse and communicate issues relating to effective workplace coaching and mentoringLearning Outcome 5: Applied skills and knowledge to evaluate a mentoring program- Assessment 1: Essay - Mentoring and coaching in education • Ability to discuss and critique high quality mentoring and coaching research• Understanding and ability to deeply define and discuss the difference definitions of mentoring and coaching in educational organisations• Understanding and ability to discuss and compare different mentoring/coaching models• Providing a rationale for either mentoring or coaching for school leader's context• Accurate writing style including reference and grammar There are many descriptions and definitions of mentoring and coaching in education- These differences raise questions such as:• What is the historical orientation of mentoring and coaching -approx- 100 words-• What research and theory underpin mentoring and coaching in education???? -approx- 400 words-• Are mentoring and coaching distinctive and separate activities or are they similar???? -approx- 400 words-• What are some of the approaches/models of coaching and mentoring and how are they similar and how do they differ???? -approx- 700 words-• In your context discuss whether mentoring or coaching would be most beneficial, support your argument with literature -approx- 300 words-  

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