ER diagram, relational model and associated business rules

Assignment Detail:- MIS602 Data Modelling and Database Design - Torrens University Australia Part Instructions 1- Group Formation and Registration• Form groups of 3 members-• The deadline for team registration is 11:45pm AEST Friday end of Module 2-2• To register your team, you are required to send your Learning Facilitator an email with "-MIS602- Group Registration" in the subject line- In the body of that email, please list the names and student ID numbers of all the members of your team-• You are required to send the registration email to your facilitator before the registration deadline-• After the registration deadline, those students who are not in a team will be allocated to a group by the Learning Facilitator- 2- Case Study Please read the attached MIS602_Assessment 3_Case Study- 3- Database Case Study ReportBased on the information provided in the case study, create a functioning database using MySQL that can be queried to meet the requirements of the business- 4- The database case study report should include the following elements:a- ER diagram, relational model and associated business rules and assumptionsb- SQL commands to:• Create tables and Insert sample data rows into each tableSQL queries to provide business insightsAt least one of each of the following is required:• SELECT query with a condition• GROUP BY query• JOIN query o NESTED queryFor each query explain its business value i-e- what business question does the result answer???? E-g- how many staff have more than one laptop???? How will the business use the output of this query???? E-g- The Company can save money by ensuring staff have only one laptop each c- At least two visualizations with an explanation of its business value-For each visualization explain its business value- E-g- does the visualization highlight savings in time or money or both or potential anticipate future expense which can then be budgeted for???? ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Design Assessment - Database Case Study ReportFast&Fix Car Service is a car dealer established in South Australia in 2012- The two main business wings are car servicing facility and used car sales- The car servicing provides different types of car services including general services, Fleet Servicing, Mobile Tyre fixing and Log Book service- The car sales service also sells used passenger vehicles such as cars, SUVs, Utes and mini vans- After COVID-19 hit the country in early 2019, the company experienced a higher growth of the used car sales operation- The reason could be that more people had chosen to drive for work and had avoided public transportation as a preventive measure- The company is quite optimistic that this trend will continue in the future, and there is potential for growth in car sales operation consequently improving the demand for car servicing facility operation too- To accommodate the future growth, the company considered increasing their staff portfolio by hiring a dedicated salesperson who works with the customer to give a better customer experience- The main role of the salesperson is to help with customer selecting, buying and test drives- The customer can book a test drive in advance with an available salesperson- The salesperson deals with all aspects of the sales including the selling transaction such as recording the transaction in the database and the test drive log- Together with the new portfolio they also decided to computerize their existing manual car servicing operation- The car servicing operation of the business offers many services to the customer- For example, a customer may come in just to have his or her car serviced; that is, a customer need not buy a car to be classified as a customer- When a customer takes one or more cars in for repair or service, one service ticket is written for each car- The system maintains a service history for each of the cars serviced- The service records are referenced by the car's serial number- A car brought in for service can be worked on by many mechanics which may be for cleaning a fuel injector nozzle, wheel alignment etc- In some cases the car servicing may also require replacement of one or more parts of the car such as the tyres or car brake pads- Attachment:- Data Modelling and Database Design-rar

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