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Assignment Detail:- ENGL120 Understanding Literature and Film Assignment - University of Wollongong Assessment - Close Reading Exercise and Essay The Close-Reading Essay - Here are some suggestions for resources and activities to help you write a good close-reading essay: Identify areas of concern or weakness in your essay-writing, and use the "Learning Resources" section of this site to address them -attending a workshop on 'Reading and Writing at University' -doing an online grammar exercise -going to the Learning Co-op -working through exercises on reading and writing at the UniLearning website Read or view all set texts carefully, at least twice, and identify particularly rich or interesting passages Read about close-reading and how to write close-reading essays: some suggested books -all available from UOW library, either as ebooks or as print books in Short Loans- are: On close reading: -Celena Kusch, 'Close Reading: words and forms', chapter 2 in Literary Analysis: The Basics -2016- -Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, Close Reading and Writing from Sources -2014- -Terry Eagleton, How to Read Literature -2012- -Terry Eagleton, How to Read a Poem -2007- -Annette Federico, Engagements with Close Reading -2016- -Thomas Newkirk, The Art of Slow Reading: Six Time-Honored Practices for Engagement -2012- -Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori and Patricia Donahue, The Elements -and Pleasures- of Difficulty -2005- -Annette Federico, Engagements with Close Reading -2015- On essay-writing: -Helen Sword, Stylish Academic Writing -2014- -Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, They Say/ I Say: The Moves that Matter in Academic Writing -2013- -Wayne Booth et al, The Craft of Resea, -2008-

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