ENGL 120 An Introduction to Literature and Film Assignment

Assignment Detail:- ENGL 120 An Introduction to Literature and Film - the University of Wollongong Question 1- In what way is close reading an ethical and aesthetic practice-up to 300 words- Question 2- How is diegesis elaborated in ‘Magic for Beginners'???? Closely reference the story with examples to make your case- -up to 300 words- Question 3- How is kinship represented in The Drover's Wife???? -up to 300 words- Question 4- What does the protagonist The Drover's Wife realise at the end of the text???? Who reveals it to her???? What is the significance of this revelation for her identity???? -up to 300 words- Question 5- How is Miss Ivors represented within The Dead????-400 words- Attachment:- Literature and Film-rar

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