ENGIN2503 - Surface Mining Operations and Equipment -

Assignment Detail:- Assignment: Design Project 1- A new coal mining operation is to be worked employing surface mining using blasting to clear an overburden of Shale using 150mm holes and 11m benches- Dry rock conditions are anticipated and the decision is to use bulk ANFO with emulsion cartridges as a primer- The density of compacted ANFO = 0-85 g/cm3 and the PF is expected not less than 0-65 kg/m3- You are required to do the blast design to facilitate the production request of stripping 2,000,000 m3 overburden annually, including the followings, -1- Drilling and blasting schedule and production;-2- Blasthole drilling pattern;-3- Details of blasthole parameters, e-g- burden and spacing, subdrill and inclination;-4- Details of blast control techniques employed;-5- Blast circuit / initiation pattern- Please include a design drawing whenever appropriate for each of the design- 2- Illustrate with suitable cross-section sketches showing ore and waste components, how overall stripping ration can be;a- Constant b- Increasing c- Decreasing over the life of an open-pit mine- 3- Two surface mines are considering the use of a conveyor in conjunction with their current fleet of trucks and shovels- The mines are; i- a strip mine operation in which coal is transported out of the strip from a depth of 37m to a coal plant on surface, at a rate of 1-2 million tons per month- ii- an open-pit operation in which coal and waste are transported from a depth of 300m to either a waste dump or a processing plant on surface, at a rate of 1-22 million tons per month -ore- at a stripping ratio of 3:1- Give advice to the mines concerning the practicality and utility of using a conveyor to either replace or supplement the existing systems with proper justification- Give advice to the mines as to what extra additional equipment they may need if they were to combine existing and new conveyor systems with proper justification- 4- A coal strip mining is designed to use dragline operation as illustrated below- The swell of the spoil is 1-25 to 1-30- You are required to design the effective radius Re and select a dragline that is suitable to the mine- Ho = 16 m, Hc = 4-5 m, pit width = 40 m, Φo = Φc = 70°, θ = 40°-
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