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Assignment Detail:- ENGIN2501 Design Project - Federation University Purpose: The purpose of this design project is for students to design and select an underground mine pumping system- Description: An underground mine is 600m deep and there are three sublevels at 400m, 500m and 600m, respectively- It requires to pump a quantity of 60,000 litres per minute from underground to ground surface- Assuming that the pipe friction factor is 0-017, you are required to design a pipeline and pump system and select adequate pump-s-- Design a pipeline and pump system- To complete the design, determine the followings: a- the flow rate in litres/second b- If a flow velocity of 2 m/s is the design velocity in the pipeline, determine the pipe diameter to be employed- c- Using the determined pipe diameter, calculate the head loss due to friction in the pipe- d- Design adequate number of valves along the pipeline and determine the head loss due to a single valve and total valve head loss in the system -Assume a shock loss factor of 0-5 for such a valve-- e- Determine the head required by the pump f- determine the power added by the pump g- If the pump has an efficiency of 85%, determine the power required by the pump- Detail any other assumptions used in the design and calculation- h- Select adequate pump-s-, including brand name, model and capacity- i- Design an adequate pumping system to meet the pumping requests, e-g- discharge rate and the elevation request- Attachment:- Design project-rar

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