ENG 7057 - Engineering Communication & Critical Thinking

Assignment Detail:- ENG 7057 - Engineering Communication & Critical Thinking Assignment - The University of Adelaide Assignment - Part Description and Criteria Assignment requires you to conduct research towards Assignments 4 and 5 on the topic of factors that need to be considered for sustainable retrofitting of university buildings for energy saving- Detailed assessment criteria and template are provided separately- Factors - Three or so factors* need to be discussed in the final position paper -1200-1500 words-- You may discuss other factors than those identified through the set sources- *An exception is to focus on one -broad- factor and identify specific factors within it- Assignment procedure - 0- Using the University of Adelaide Library databases, find five new, current, relevant and reliable -N-C-R-R- sources that you can use in Assignments 4 and 5- 1- For each of the five N-C-R-R source found, provide its full citation in accordance with UofA Harvard or IEEE referencing conventions- 2- With three of the N-C-R-R sources found, extract evidence as a quote with in-text reference and then present a paraphrase of each extract with in-text reference- 3- With one of the N-C-R-R extracts paraphrased, explain how it relates to one of the set sources, that is, to your existing knowledge about the topic, and how you could use the N-C-R-R extract in a discussion of the topic- 4- Present how the three chosen extracts, together with set sources, form your discussion plan in the Assignment 5 Planning Map- 5- Submit online -a- the completed Assignment 3 template document and -b- your chosen N-R-R sources in a zip file- Note: submit -a- and -b- as two separate files to the same submission link- Sources Articles - 1- Micro-climatization and real-time digitalization effects on energy efficiency based on user behavior by Shahryar Habibi 2- Selection of optimization objectives for decision-making in building energy retrofits by Amirhosein Jafari, Vanessa Valentin 3- Optimizing energy efficiency and thermal comfort in building green retrofit by Qing Li, Lianying Zhang, Limao Zhang, Xianguo Wu 4- Aerogel-enhanced systems for building energy retrofits: Insights from a case study by Umberto Berardi 5- Multi objective planning for sustainable retrofit of educational buildings by Atiye Soleimani Javid, Fereshteh Aramoun, Masoomeh Bararzadeh, Akram Avami- Note - Sources attached you can't work without that sources- You just need to provide source-1, sources-2, source-3 and any one pattern from 5 pattern- And in pattern there's no any description- Provide you 5 sources- You don't need to find them- Consider monitoring as a main factor and Sub issues one is occupant comfort or behavior and second sub issues is indoor environment quality- In assignment 1- Select any 3 sources from 5 2- Choose monitoring as a main factor 3- Find the evidence from set sources and paraphrase it 4- Choose first sub issues occupants comfort 5- Find evidence and paraphrase it 6- Choose second sub issue thermal comfort 7- Find evidence and paraphrase it- Attachment:- Engineering Communication & Critical Thinking Assignment Files-rar

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