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Assignment Detail:- EMS1CAD Engineering CAD - La Trobe University INTRODUCTIONThis assessment is designed to test your ability to accurately portray a 3-dimensional object using a 2-dimensional medium- TASKYou are required to complete a drawing in AutoCAD that accurately portrays a 3-dimensional object on a 2- dimensional medium- In this case, the provided three lego blocks- This should be done using the 3rd Angle Orthographic Projection method, following the Australian Technical Drawing Standards -AS1100-- All parameters covered in the lectures and laboratory sessions need to be considered including: • Scale• Units and dimensioning layout• Completed title block -You should use the one you set up in your first lab session, 'A3 Border,' save this as a new drawing and update the title block accordingly-• Additional descriptions and explanations where appropriate• Line types and thickness -you should make appropriate use of the layers you set up in your first lab session-• Orthographic projections accuracy• Details• Blocks Your 3 Lego blocks need to be drawn such that a scale model could be produced using your technical drawing, therefore a sufficient level of detail is required in your drawing to achieve this- You are required to use a minimum of 2 different scales, with one of these scales being an enlargement- You must demonstrate the use of blocks in your drawing, particularly your enlargement- Remember your enlargement should add value to your drawing- Your 3 Lego blocks should be drawn at a 1:1 scale initially, if it does not fit into your title block or takes up too much space,i-e- not enough room to add dimensions and labelling etc, then you need to scale it up or down accordingly by creating a block from it and then scaling the block-You should have one page per object- Attachment:- Engineering CAD-rar

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