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Assignment Detail:- EFN406 Managerial Finance - Queensland University of Technology Assignment Part - requirements Two answers one in Excel and one in a Text box You must provide a full answer with explanation and accompanied with the calculation done manually and one done in Excel- Question: -a- The S&P/ASX200 price index opened the year at 7,200 and was at 7,683 by the end of the year- The S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries index went from 2,800 to 3,222 over the same period- What is the effective annual rate of return on each of these indices???? Explain the difference in information provided by these two indices- -b- Calculate the geometric average annual forward rates of return out to five years given the following annual spot rates, one year -oil = 0-65%-, two year = 0-75%-, three year -313 = 0-84%-, four year -0i4 = 0-92%-, five year Lis = 0-99%-- What does this imply about future interest rates????

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