EDEC308 Student Teaching in the Pre-K to Primary Grades

Assignment Detail:- EDEC308 Student Teaching in the Pre-K to Primary Grades The nature of this report will be negotiated with ITE students but will be based on outcomes: Strength-based approachNavigating personal philosophy within centre philosophyPhysical environmentSocial environmentHighlighting the positive classroom culture; management and organisation skills required, learning Outcomes and Graduate Professional Standards achieved in each reflective journal maintained throughout the internship Suggested Structure: Address each of the above outcomes using evidence from your internship- Include as many documents, data, practical experiences etc as possible- Include appendices where necessary- Overall quality of writing: Strong writing style with clear ability to express thoughts and points of viewAdhering to the word limitExcellent grammar, syntax, spelling, etc-Correct APA referencing Research and Referencing: Refer to lectures for recommended readings and websites- In-text referencing and reference list should be formatted according to APA 7th edition guidelines-

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