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Assignment Detail:- ECON1348 Business Data Analytics - RMIT University OverviewThis final assessment takes the form of a business report, which you prepare as part of a consulting project- It requires you to analyse the dataset-s-, interpret, draw conclusion-s- and provide recommendation-s- based on your analysis to a business client- To complete this assessment task, you are expected to apply the knowledge learned in Week 1 to 6 on the provided case study and dataset-s-- The case study is provided in Assessment Details and the same dataset is used again for this assessment- Assessment criteria This assessment will measure your ability to:• Ability to address the business problem-s- and objectives of the case study • Ability to identify and justify the use of appropriate data analytics methods • Ability to perform data analysis by applying appropriate data analytics techniques• Ability to interpret and communicate evidence of the analysis with appropriatedetails • Ability to produce quality report with appropriate language, structure and style Learning outcome 1: Research and critique business problems using a suitable paradigm and associated methodologies and methods- Learning outcome 2: Analyse business data by applying data analytics techniques and models to develop business intelligence- Learning outcome 3: Interpret business data and generate ethical and innovative solutions based on data analytics results- Learning outcome 4: Communicate business solutions professionally and effectively to a varied set of stakeholders- Case Study: IntelliAuto Industry 4-0 has poised to modernise manufacturing sector ad boost the industrial competitiveness-Specifically, it couples with emerging technology such as Internet of Things -IoT-, automation and robotics, to increase productivity and reduce costs and thus digitally transformed the manufacturing sector into the "smart factory"- Although Industry 4-0 has great benefits, it also has significant impact on the manufacturing workforce- Potentially it disrupts the manufacturing processes and also the future of manufacturing workforce and leads to controversial debate such as fear of jobs being taken by robots, ethical choices between job losses and profit, etc- IntelliAuto is an automobile parts manufacturer with 5000 employees- The organisation has plan in place to move towards a digital manufacturing factory in next 5 years- Although the digital plan is at its infant stage, IntelliAuto wishes to study its full-time workforce by developing profile of employees that measures factors such as income, job satisfaction, career progress, etc- The current aim is to better understand the employees of the organisation- In addition, the study also helps to better prepare for negotiation with unions in future when the organisation is in transition to digital manufacturing factory- Katrina de Jong, the Chief Human Resource Officer, hires Datos Lab Corporation -DLC-, a consulting firm, to survey IntelliAuto employees and communicate the results- A survey of a random sample of 1000 employees was conducted- In this assessment, you again play the role of Misha Toutou, a data analyst at DLC- Katrina has written to you regarding her further requests and/or queries relating to the employee survey- Dear Misha,Thank you for your previous presentation- Please complete the following analysis for me and compile all the findings in a business report-1- I would like to get an overall summary of the age of the employees at IntelliAuto- Also, what is the proportion of employees who are aged 55 years or older -retirement age-???? 2- In addition, are there any differences in age based on the following????a- Genderb- Union membership 3- The executives are concerned about the aging workforce, whether our employees could transition well into the digital manufacturing factory in next few years and the need for restructuring- Can you provide me with an estimate of the following????a- the average age of our employeesb- the average time that our employees have been working at IntelliAutoc- the total number of workers across all IntelliAuto who are close to retirement age 4- Recently, the union has claimed that our employees are quite loyal to the organisation and the union believed that the average length of employment at IntelliAuto would be more than the industry average of 6-5 years- Could you please check if this claim is true for all employees???? 5- I would like to find out what is -are- factors-s- affecting the years of employment of the employees at IntelliAuto???? Part 1 - Data Analytics Some guidelines to perform the analysis:• Apply the analytics techniques you have learned in this course -i-e- descriptive analytics, inferential statistics -i-e- confidence interval and hypothesis testing- and predictive analytics- and demonstrate the use of Microsoft Excel-• Use different worksheet for different question in Microsoft Excel-• Consider the types of data and which appropriate analytics techniques should be applied for the analysing the data you have in hand-• Use 95% confidence level for question-s- related to confidence interval-• Use 5% level of significance for question-s- related to hypothesis testing- Attachment:- Business Data Analytics-rar

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