ECOM5005 Business Analytics and Data Visualisation

Assignment Detail:- ECOM5005 Business Analytics and Data Visualisation - Curtin University Business ReportEvery year Alpha University sends surveys to their graduates to determine their employment status and annual income- This information is published on the Alpha University website and would be very useful for prospective students in choosing a university course- Alpha University offers undergraduate degrees in Health Science, Commerce, Law and Engineering- Last year, the survey was sent to all graduates 6 months after their graduation and asked the following questions: 1- With which degree did you graduate????a- Health Scienceb- Commercec- Lawd- Engineering 2- What is your current employment status????a- Employedb- Completing additional educationc- Unemployedd- Others 3- If you are employed, what is your annual income???? Alpha University sent the questionnaires to selected 250 graduates in each of their four undergraduate degrees- It received 648 responses with the breakdown for each discipline in the below table- You, a career consultant working at Alpha University, are asked to submit a report to the Director of Alpha University Career Centre, by addressing the following questions: 1- Are there differences in income among the four groups of Alpha University graduates???? 2- Do Law graduates earn lower salary than Engineering graduates???? 3- Are there differences in the employment status among the four groups of graduates???? Attachment:- Business Analytics and Data Visualisation-rar

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