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Assignment Detail:- EBUS3050 The Digital Economy - University of Newcastle Reflective journal entries TASK Students submit at least four out of five reflective journal entries over the semester, and will be given the marks for their best four entries- Each journal entry should have a length of about 500 words - not much shorter, and not very much longer- The reference list is not included in this word count- Journal assessment will be based on evidence of progress being recorded, reflection of issues, concepts, and trends in relation to contemporary topics in the digital economy, and depth of analysis and discussion- Note that we are not asking you to summarise the lecture material and/or the online reading- Indeed, you will sometimes find that the lecture material or the online reading does not directly answer the particular question being asked- You are required to study the lecture material, the online reading, any relevant workshop questions, and other pertinent material that you might find; then to answer the question being asked, on the basis of a synthesis of the provided material, your own research, and your own thoughts- Journal entries will be individually marked on an on-going basis, and feedback given relating to the accuracy, appropriateness, and quality of the submissions- Students who wish to earn high marks will ensure that their reflection is clearly linked to the specified topic, the online readings, and the conceptual material we are covering in the lectures and workshops, and that it shows considered analysis and discussion on identified issues- JOURNAL ENTRY In your second journal entry -Journal 2-, we ask you to critically reflect on the nature of "disruptive innovation" as a key characteristic of the digital economy, and how the "three horizons" technique can help to devise strategies in this context- Please use appropriate real-world examples when describing the different aspects of disruptive innovation and how they relate to opportunities for individual businesses- Online Reading: Curry, Hodgson -2008-- Seeing in multiple horizons: Connecting futures to strategy- Journal of Future Studies

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