Ealuate the role and evolving nature of information systems

Assignment Detail:- MGT609 Managing Information Systems Assessment: Information Systems, Scenario Evaluation Learning Outcome 1: Ealuate the role and evolving nature of information systems in a variety of dynamic business environments- Learning Outcome 2: Citically examine the impact of information systems on business decision-making- Part Summary In this assessment, you will individually address four tasks in a case study related to the strategic use of information resources, and the role of Information Systems -IS- in a contemporary business environment- The workload required in this assessment is equivalent to that of a 1000-word report- Please refer to the Part Instructions for details on how to complete this task- Context:This assessment helps you to build an in-depth understanding of the role of information systems in a contemporary business environment, and how it can help the business to gain a competitive edge- To successfully complete this assessment you are required to study a fictitious case organisation that has been chosen to be in an industry that all students should be familiar with - the higher education industry, and advise as to what information resources can be used strategically, and how IS can help a higher education institute to compete- This assessment develops your understanding of the strategic use of IS and its role in a modern organisation, which serve as the foundation of IS management- Instructions:You should first read and understand the following case before proceeding to address the questions in the Assessment Parts section- ABC University -‘ABCU'- has enjoyed phenomenal growth in the past in terms of student numbers, staff number, new courses, new campuses as well as infrastructure- Since founded in Sydney in 2012, ABCU has soon become the most successful private university in Australia with over 50,000 students spread across its 16 campuses and delivery sites in all major Australian metropolitan cities- ABCU has a typical functional organisational structure- The University is divided into a number of Divisions so that each Division primary focuses on a somewhat independent business capability- Those Divisions include: Student Experience and Governance, Research Division, Tertiary Education Division, Finance Division, Engagement and Campuses Division, Marketing and Recruitment Division, and HR Division- The business model of ABCU is no difference than that of other public universities- It sells educational products and services to both domestic and international students- Higher education industry is highly regulated in Australia- Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency -TEQSA- was established to administer the Higher Education Standard Framework -the threshold standard- and has adopted a risk model to quality assure Australia's higher education sector- A number of risk indicators include student retention rate, student progression rate and student completion rate- ABCU's strategic plan 2018-2022 focuses on expansion and growth as well as increasing student engagement and ensuring higher education quality- The KPIs stipulated in the strategic plan include 3-8+/5 student satisfaction rating, 75%+ student retention rate, 80%+ student progression rate, and 60%+ student completion rate- It is also in its strategic plan that the University will introduce at least 3 new courses each year- With respect to academic quality assurance, ABCU has in place a number of academic quality assurance and quality control mechanisms, including the close monitoring of student-at-risk, student attendance, student progression, and student academic misconduct, teaching staff training and controlled student-to-lecturer ratio- Assessment Parts: To complete this assessment, you are required to answer ALL of the following questions in a Microsoft Word document- You must not copy the questions over to your assessment document- Use question number to indicate which question your answer relates to- Quesiton 1- How can information resources be used strategically for ABCU???? Write a short paragraph with at least two -2- examples illustrating the strategic use of information resources- -200 words- Quesiton 2- Why is it important to align IS strategy with the overall University strategic plan???? -100 words- Quesiton 3- Explain how information system can help ABCU gain a competitive edge over public universities- You must select at least three -3- aspects of Porters' five forces model, and explain what impact, if any, information systems will have on ABCU's competitive position- -400 words- Quesiton 4- Would you advise the Chief Information Officer -CIO- to consider any enterprise system???? If so, what enterprise system would you advise the CIO to consider for ABCU and how that enterprise system will add value to the University???? In your answer, you must provide at least two examples that ABCU would benefit from having in place an enterprise system- If you advise the CIO against considering an enterprise system, you must provide sound argument for your advice- -300 words- Attachment:- Managing Information Systems-rar

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