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Assignment Detail:- Assessment - DevOps concepts and principles Learning Outcome 1: Analyse and integrate goals, terminologies, and the continuous development pipeline in a collaborative environment- Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate and critique design practices using skillsets, knowledge, and established competencies in DevOps- Part Summary Critically analyse the case of an online retail business as provided below and write a 2000-words report that a- identifies the issues the business is facing in regards to software development and operations of the production system and b- explain how DevOps principles and practices can address those issues- ContextIn software development industries the development team wants to innovate and deliver new features faster while the operations personnel want to ensure stability of the production system- This assessment prepares the students to identify and reduce the divide between the development team and the operations personnel using the principles and practices of DevOps- Case Study PQS is an online retail shop in Sydney, Australia- Its website, where the users can explore different products and promotions and place orders, has more than 100,000 visitors per month- Any downtime experienced by the website can result in significant lost opportunities- Thus, any change made to website, which runs on co-located data centres, must be very carefully coordinated- After lots of paper works and lengthy process, only operation engineers are allowed to deploy changes into the production infrastructure- Hence, new releases may happen once in every month- At PQS, 40 developers work in different teams- Each developer has her/his own laptop which runs Windows 10- The development environment, which includes various libraries and toolchains, in each laptop is setup individually- The developers make changes in hundreds of branches of multiple repositories- Clearly, before the release, all those branches need to be merged- Any changes to the website need to pass through the QA before they are considered ready for deployment in the production system- However, QA build and test environments are much smaller in size than that of production- There are four servers for QA build and test- Since developers also have direct SSH access into these servers, many of them have been modified during releases to address hotfixes and other urgent needs- The QA team is responsible for creating various tests and ensuring that website passes all those tests before being deployed into the production system- Developers can choose to run tests, but they often skip testing since testing takes a long time and tend to pass locally but fail in QA environment- PQS realizes that this is inefficient- They want to ship new features faster and more reliably- How can DevOps fix this???? Part Instructions Critically analyse the above case study and write a 2000-words report that must include the followings: • Identifies the issues in the development and operations process of the business which prevent it from faster and reliable delivery of new features• Present a schematic of CI/CD pipeline and explains how different stages in the pipeline address the issues identified above• Make a recommendation with justification on whether to keep the production infrastructure on-premise or to move into the Cloud, such as, AWS or Azure ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style- Attachment:- Assessment - Brief Report-rar

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