Does the policy comply with APP 1 and if not, in what way

Assignment Detail:- ICTICT532 Apply IP, Ethics and Privacy in ICT Environment Part 1 - Case Study - Policy Review Guidelines: Read through the Privacy Policy of Mirvac Group Who is the policy aimed at???? Does the policy comply with APP 1 and if not, in what way???? Based on the policy, what information can be disclosed to other parties???? Who can it be disclosed to???? What does the company use personal information for???? Describe the strengths of the policy Describe the weaknesses of the policy Recommend any improvements that could be made to the policy If the policy were to be updated, outline a possible implementation strategy What stakeholder feedback would you collect to evaluate any revisions to the policy How would you go about distributing the revised policy???? Describe one possible effect of the policy on the work practices of the staff How does the policy address the organisations use of information and communications technology???? 3- AUSTRALIAN PRIVACY PRINCIPLES CHECKLISTa- Template provided from "Part 1-pdf" on Canvasb- For each of the issuei- If the issue is covered in Mirvac's Policy, answer "Yes" and in the comments section write where in the policy you can find this information -which section and what page-ii- If the issue is not covered in Mirvac's Policy, answer "No" and in the comments section write how the policy can be improved4- REFERENCINGa- The Referencing style that we use is APA style- Part 2 - Code of Ethics Review Resources:- Ethics Case Study provided on Canvas DeliverablesYour document must include:1- COVER PAGEa- Unit Code - Unit Nameb- Namec- Student IDd- Coursee- Date2- CODE OF ETHICS REVIEWa- Copy and paste the content from all 3 links provided above into a word documentb- Make a minimum of 10 changes -highlight/underline the changes and number each changes-3- EXPLANATIONa- For each change, explain the change made to the code of ethics and why the changes are made 4- REFERENCINGa- The Referencing style that we use is APA style- Knowledge Assessment1- Describe the various types of IP protection including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright- 2- There is no © symbol on a photographic work - does that mean it's not copyright and anyone can copy and use it without permission???? Why/Why not???? 3- Is copyright infringement a criminal offence???? Why/Why not???? 4- If I copy something at work, for work, can I still be held personally liable for infringement of copyright???? Why/Why not???? 5- Must I register my works with the Australian Copyright Council if I want them protected by Australian copyright laws???? Why/Why not???? 6- If the copyright in a work has expired, it is said to be in the public domain- What does this mean????There are two -2- correct answers--a- Anyone can use the material, even for profit--b- Anyone can use the material, but not if they will make money from it--c- If permission is sought from the original owner, it is free to use--d- There is no need to obtain permission to use the material--e- It is free to use, but you must attribute it under a public domain licence- 7- What is intellectual property???? There are two -2- correct answers--a- When you think of something--b- Trademarks, patents, copyright, plant breeding rights, industrial designs--c- An overarching term given to a range of legal and moral rights-d- Scientific knowledge and ideas--e- The ability to make money from your own original works- 8- What does availability refer to in the CIA Triad???? 9- Describe a process for policy distribution- 10- If you were developing an APP privacy policy for handling personal information, what headings would you include in your policy???? Attachment:- Ethics and Privacy in ICT Environment-rar

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