Disrupting The Television Industry With Virtual Reality

Assignment Detail:- ITECH1100 Understanding the Digital Revolution - Federation University Assessment Part - Video and Disruption Report Topic - Disrupting The Television Industry With Virtual Reality OverviewFor this assessment task, you will create a written proposal and video about the impact of a particular technology on an industry or field-The purpose of this assignment is for you to develop your big-picture thinking, and to explore various impacts of the ever-changing IT industry- Learning Outcome 1: Apply business information software for data visualization and analysis purposes; Learning Outcome 2: Review a range of information system applications; Learning Outcome 3: Interpret and construct representations of business data flow and processes; Learning Outcome 4: State the uses of emerging technologies within key industry contexts; and Learning Outcome 5: Explain the concepts of software development within key industries- Assessment DetailsThe Digital Revolution is not limited to the past - we should expect changes to continue for the foreseeable future- The aim of this assessment is for you to explore how IT might change a particular industry in the future, based on current trends and upcoming technologies- Your topic must be automatically generated, based on your student ID-Please use the Topic Generator link in Moodle, and choose only one of the topics available- Topics are of the form:"Disrupting {Industry or Activity} with {Technology}"-Not all options are strictly technologies, some are applications of technology Preliminaries• Create an ePortfolio page which you will use to submit your work- Make sure you keep the page private - you do not need to set the visibility of your ePortfolio to public for this assessment task-Ensure you complete this step- ePortfolios are the best way we have to allow video assignment submissions- Please don't submit a Word or PDF document unless prior approval is granted by your lecturer-• Access the Topic Generator through Moodle, and choose one of the available topics- Part one - ResearchThe first step to creating your video and report is to explore both the technology and the industry, to understand the potential impacts-• Write a short description of the technology and the industry -150-300 words each-, and add both to your ePortfolio page- You may use any relevant sources, including websites, blogs, tweets, journal articles and textbooks- Ensure you cite any sources appropriately-If you are unsure of how to reference sources, please review the Academic Integrity Module, or contact a Learning Skills Advisor- Plagiarism is not acceptable! Part two - Brainstorming disruptions• For your topic, list at least four ways the technology may change or disrupt the industry -50-150 words each-- Include this list on your ePortfolio page-Disrupt doesn't necessarily mean bad - it just means a big change- You could think about how Uber disrupted the taxi industry, or how Amazon disrupted the retail industry-If you are having trouble, remember that this is a creative task - it's ok for your ideas to be 10 or 30 years in the future- The more you can come up with at this stage the better, even if you think your ideas are completely implausible- Part three - Disruption• Choose a single one of your changes or disruptions- Indicate in your ePortfolio which disruption you choose-• Identify one process within your industry or activity that would be affected by your chosen disruption- For this process, determine its triggering Event, any Activities, Decision Points, and Actors/Resources, and finally an Outcome-• Provide a written description of how this process will be affected by your chosen disruption-• Support your written description with BPMN process models of the process before and after disruption-The purpose of your models is to show the impact of the technology on the business process; let that guide your level of detail- Part four - Ethics• Identify at least four factors or constraints that may regulate the disruption described in part three- Frame these within Lessig's pathetic dot theory- That is, market, law, architecture, and norms -social/ethical--At least one of these four factors must be an ethical constraint-• Write approximately 150 words on each of the factors identified above- Your ethical constraint must be related to an ethics framework, such as Utilitarianism or Deontology- Part five - Visualization and Video• Using Excel or a similar product, create a graphic or visualization to show how your disruption will affect the industry in some way- This can be based on real data or estimates- You may design an infographic if you prefer-• Explain how you approached designing the graphic or visualization, including an interpretation if you have created a chart -150-300 words- You must create this graphic yourself- Appropriately reference any sources you use-• Using any software you like, create a two-minute video to accompany your report-Two minutes is not very long- You don't have to cover everything from your report, nor all of your brainstormed ideas- You may choose to talk about several of your ideas at a shallow level, or speak in more depth about just one- Pick whatever is going to make the most engaging 2-minute video- Your video can be made however you like - talking to camera; using narrated slides; describing a sketch; animation, or combining multiple methods- Choose an approach that best suits you and the content you are trying to deliver- Prefer screen recording software to simply pointing a camera at a laptop- Your video must include your visualization-Regardless of how you choose to make sure your video, ensure:• sound and narration is clearly audible;• enough context is included to demonstrate understanding of the industry and the technology, and the significance of the impact;• the length is between 1:45 and 2:15;• an appropriate sequence is followed so that a viewer can understand the context and content;• graphical elements are clearly legible- Attachment:- Video and Disruption Report-rar

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