Discussion on Education and Childhood - thoughts about the

Assignment Detail:- Elizabeth McCormack The day has almost ended but I wanted to take some time to read over your posts from last week's discussion on Education and Childhood- Many of you had shared your thoughts and ideas on poverty which tells me that there are still some concerns and work to do in our province on the living conditions children still face today- Some of you also shared your personal experiences as a child in the school system- Thank you for sharing these experiences- Even if they were not as positive as others it helps us to understand the challenges that many children face- I am also happy to read that your experiences were acknowledged by your classmates and such supportive responses were given- We have become a very authentic and empathetic group! Bravo! I especially enjoyed reading some of your thoughts about the challenges children face as they enter our country as it gives us a better idea of how we can support both children and their families together-
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