Discussion of key points and the readings highlights -

Assignment Detail:- HI6036 IS Strategy and Innovation - Holmes Institute LO1- Critically evaluate and apply models and techniques to analyze the strategic contribution of Information Systems to an organization- LO2- Critically appraise the business value of Information Systems and formulate strategies and plans to meet business requirements- LO3- Analyze internal and external dimensions of Information Systems strategic planning by applying appropriate theories and models- Assessment Description: A set of readings and/or videos are available to students in Assessment 1 folder for each session- Each student is required to complete a one-page overview of some aspect of the reading- This could be a summary or a general discussion of key points- The ‘one-pager' should be submitted by the end of each week- REPORT STRUCTURE: 1- Introduction - State an introduction of the case-2- Discussion - A summary or a general discussion of key points and the reading's highlights-3- Conclusion - Summarise your findings, consolidating and drawing attention to the main points of the report-4- References- -cite here the references you have used in your report- Attachment:- Information Systems strategic planning-rar

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