Discussing the health implications of the issue and

Assignment Detail:- Prepare a 1,500- to 2,000-word on the article essay as a critique that addresses the following criteria: discussing the health implications of the issue and explaining why it is of concern in Canada- relating the article to the information presented in the course materials -e-g-, Hales and Lauzon -2015- and online Study Guide- and describing how it fits within the context of this course- Comparisons made to the course materials should include where there are consistencies and differences in information- highlighting the strengths and limitations of the article- determining whether or not the article contains a particular bias or position- Consider how the facts were presented, the conclusions made, , and if the author's interpretations are consistent with other viewpoints- Also assess whether the article appears to have:contradictions and inconsistencies- an agenda or interests served by a article- certain facts; but ignores or misrepresents others- implications ignored and or emphasized- identifying and discussing further information or research that might be needed to better understand and address this health issue- providing overall opinions about the article as an information piece -consider the article's clarity, accuracy, relevance, depth, breadth, and significance- for the intended audience- Article - Canadian Paediatric Society says doctors should offer IUDs as first-line birth control option for young girls Attachment:- The Essay-rar
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