Discuss why COBIT was developed and Discuss what you

Assignment Detail:- HI6035 IT Governance and Risk - Holmes Institute Activity We have a number of class facilitation activities this week Students should check the class facilitation schedule and be prepared to facilitate a discussion activity based on their assigned paper- The students facilitating the discussion should take approx 10-15 minutes in giving a synopsis of the paper then lead a discussion of the class on questions arising from the paper- Students will be graded on their synopsis of the paper and their ability to lead the discussion- Additionally students in the class will be graded over the facilitation weeks 2-10 on their participation I the facilitation process and their responses or questions to the facilitators questions- The grade for the participation component will not be available until all the facilitation sessions are complete towards the end of the semester- Further Discussion Topics Some further topics for discussion in the tutorial should time permit Question 1: What do we mean by the term COBIT Question 2: Discuss the main principles of COBIT Question 3: Discuss the uses of COBIT Question 4: Discuss what you believe are the advantages of COBIT as a framework for Governance Question 5: Discuss why COBIT was developed Question 6: Do you think as a framework that COBIT offers enough details to enable an organization to adequately develop its own IT Governance System???? Article - IT Project Portfolio Governance: The Emerging Operation Manager

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