Discuss whether the ACL might apply to this situation and

Assignment Detail:- ACBUS201A Commercial Law - TAFE NSW Event - Portfolio Portfolio Activity Larry needs to buy a battery for his business mobile phone and visits an electronics shop in Sydney which imports electronic devices, mobile phones and batteries from China, Korea and Japan- Larry tells the shop assistant, Tim, that he needs a battery for his "Samsoon" mobile phone- Tim recommends that Larry buy a Samsoon battery and Larry buys the battery that Tim suggests for $80- Larry returns to his office and fits the battery into the phone- As few minutes later, while charging, the battery explodes and starts burning- The fire spreads and the office walls and ceiling are severely damaged by the fire- Much of Larry's business equipment and records are also destroyed- Investigators from the fire department retrieve the battery and discover it is not a genuine Samsoon brand battery- Discuss whether the ACL might apply to this situation and the potential liability for losses suffered by Larry and his landlord- Attachment:- Commercial Law-rar

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