Discuss whether NSWBF must still deliver beef under their

Assignment Detail:- ACBUS201A Commercial Law - TAFE NSW Assessment Event - Portfolio The NSW Beef Farmers -‘NSWBF'- breeds a mix of Mashimi and Wagyu cattle, producing a unique and expensive beef product selling for $200 per kg on wholesale markets- In November 2019, NSWBF signed a binding agreement with China Beef Imports -‘CBI'- to provide 500kg of their beef, each week during 2020 to 2023, with NSWBF responsible for delivering the beef to the CBI warehouse in Beijing as part of the agreed price- NSWBF arranged freight contracts with Wantas Airlines to fulfil these deliveries, at a cost of $9 per kg- NSWBF's agreements with CBI and Wantas made no mention of pandemics, flight cancellations, or Government restrictions on flights or trade- In April 2020 Wantas cancelled all scheduled flights to China, due to the Covid19 pandemic- Freight remained possible via special Wantas flights, or alternative flights via Hong Kong or Singapore, but with limited cargo space on each flight, the cost of freight has increased to $290 per kg- CBI has received an exemption from import restrictions for Australian beef products, as the beef products are very popular amongst wealthier people in Beijing- CBI is insisting that NSWBF meet their contractual obligations and continue beef deliveries- NSWBF has a cost of production of $110 per kg of beef, and will lose a large mount of money each week if they continue to make deliveries to CBI paying the increased freight costs- Discuss whether NSWBF must still deliver beef under their contract, given the rise in freight costs between Sydney/NSW and China-

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