Discuss what you plan to do with this new knowledge. These

Assignment Detail:- MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems - Laureate International Universities Assessment - Reflective Report Learning Outcome 1: Effectively communicate and demonstrate understanding of the importance of ethical and professional standards in own career and professional future- Part SummaryThis assessment task requires you to reflect on your experiences in MIS500 this trimester by following a four-step process to gain insights into the work you have done and how it relates to your own career and life more broadly- In doing so, you will need to produce a weekly journal to record your learning and then as the trimester comes to a close reflect on these experiences and submit a final reflection of 1500 words -+/- 10%- that will include the weekly journal as an appendices- ContextThis is an individual assignment that tracks your growth as a student of Information Systems over the trimester- It is scaffolded around your weekly learning activities- Completing the activities and seeking input from your peers and the learning facilitator is essential for you to achieve a positive result in this subject- Before you start this assessment, be sure that you have completed the learning activities in all of the modules- This reflective report gives you the opportunity to communicate your understanding of how information systems relate to your career and future- Part Instructions1- During Module 1 - 5, you were ask to produce a weekly journal to record your learnings each week- Based on these weekly journals, please write a 1500 word reflective report about your experience- 2- You are required to follow the four steps of Kolb's learning cycle when writing the reflective report- You will keep a learning journal throughout the trimester- Each week as you complete the learning activities you record your experience in spreadsheet or word document- Step 1Concrete experience - Keep a learning journal The first step is to keep a learning journal for the trimester -Modules 1-1 through to 5-2 as described above- You should have already completed this step by now- Step 2Reflective observation - Summarise what happenedYou should now be able to comment on your experiences this trimester- This exercise is not a list of what you have done but rather an observation of what you have learned - were there any themes that arose from your journal???? The point of a learning journal is to start a discussion on what the key concepts and skills you have learned and acquired during the course of this subject- This is because we often don't stop to think and reflect on what we have learned Step 3Abstract conceptualization - Analyse what this meansThe next step is to analyse what you have found- Reflective practice is a process of thinking about new experiences with a view of learning- It is a form of personal response to new experiences, situations, events or information- What new knowledge have you gained in response to this exercise???? And what does this information mean???? You are expected to reflect at a deep level here- This means that it is not just about explaining what you have done in this subject rather it requires you to think about your personal beliefs, your background and the way you perceive the world around you- Did you learn anything in this subject that challenged you or change the way you thought about information systems or business???? Step 4 Active experimentation - New actionThe final step is to discuss what you plan to do with this new knowledge- These new insights may lead to a change of thinking or behaviour- In what ways???? Set yourself some specific goals for your future studies or career- 1- You are required to write this assessment in a report format using the following headings:2- Introduction3- Reflective Observation4- Abstract conceptualization5- Active experimentation6- Conclusion7- Appendix of learning journal -with evidence- Attachment:- Foundations of Information Systems-rar

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